How To Hit The Golf Ball With A Draw OR – Golf Tips For Beginners

The human body is an amazing machine, the control of it by the mind even more. It’s surprising that a simple change of concept about how you do what you do changes your physical movements. Yet, it is only by changing the way we think or by "seeing" our golf swing that we can actually make progress in improving it.

If our concept is that we have to pull the golf club off with the left arm, our body does the movements necessary to accomplish that. If our concept is to swirl the body and delay typing by maintaining the angle, a different set of signals is sent to the body by the brain. For this reason, it is only necessary to have a better set of thoughts to make radical changes to what the body does.

For years, golf has been taught with the concept of forearm rotation to align the club face on the hit. This is because the current scale causes the blade to open and close when the keystroke occurs.

This is where most of golf’s most serious mistakes lie. Do not crisscross the blade causes a series of shots ranging from a simple fade to a ball or bullet that cuts uncontrollably or wild the planned flight line.

By acquiring a new "vision" or concept of arm actions, many of these errors disappear.

This new vision brings a much greater ability to control the flight of the ball, both for the straightness of the flight and for the trajectory.

If you correctly program your mind by changing the concept of what you do, your body will function as a computer controlled machine and automatically create better golf shots.

Get a better program. Remember as with a computer full of garbage.

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