How To Hit Golf Ball Straight With Driver OK – Golf Tips For Beginners

Over the last few decades in golf, we have witnessed and experienced a tremendous change in golf balls, clubs, grips, gloves and golf courses. All manufacturers claim to increase the ability of golfers while reducing scores. We, the players, however, discuss the distance at which they hit the ball … or how we managed to reach the green in two … and it only took one driver and one iron to iron to achieve it. Power. Distance.

What about precision? Golf has always been a question of precision, but does technology change the character of the game? We do not think so. Many players think so, but we do not agree. It’s a bit like BS that we all heard in the 1990s that the principles of sound business practices had changed – remember: companies could really grow and be viable without ever realizing strong profits? Yes indeed. What happened to them when the bubble burst?

We believe that the same type of hype was sold in golf. The message implied for years is: buy a big Bertha and you will not only drive your friends, you will beat them too. Get a launcher and put it 30 meters away from the other guys. OK, but then what?

For the average golfer, 80% of his shots are always 150 yards from the green in the hole. It means short irons, chips and shots. No driver, 3 woods, five woods. This means that the ball must be hit accurately at a spot in front of the green or on the putting green where it will bounce or roll near the hole – leaving a put-in or a short putt for the par or (Oh, my God!) Birdie .

All equipment is subject to limitations, but the industry does not like to talk about it. The USGA, the United States Gold Association, does so though. Bullets can not be designed to travel unlimited distances, and pilots can not be built to a capacity greater than 460 cm3 to crush it in private or in the woods. In fact, the added distance to the professional players & # 39; average driving distances since the year 2000 are rather low. John Daly, for example, has only added 7.5 yards to his average training since that time. The average PGA Tour player added only 5 or 6 yards, despite the "advances" made to the technology. Thank you USGA.

Watching tournaments on Sundays in a critical way can reveal the truth of the problem quite easily. What is the low score? Who wins the championship? The answer is: short game. Throw it on the green from 30 yards, leaving a 3-foot hole to break through for the win. The chip comes out of the bunker near the hole … or in this one. The 18-foot putt that must be bent downhill without zooming out beyond the hole. Like the way Phil Mickelson won the Masters.

Do you remember that Jim Nance or Johnny Miller never said after a tournament that Tiger or Phil really won with the 300 yard rush in the middle of the field on the 14th? Neither do I.

So, stop worrying about the distance you are carrying to the ball and concentrate on keeping the ball in the fairway. Concentrate on chips and holes. You will publish the scores of your dreams.

Hit long and straight and often!

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