How To Hit A Golf Ball Accurately IN – Golf Tips For Beginners

Have a hold!

Grabbing the golf club properly is the first step towards a good swing. If you do not hold the club properly, your momentum could be affected in different ways. Adjustment, alignment and pressure are the three keys to correctly entering a golf club.

Fit – Yeah guys, size matters!

The size of the handle is probably the most important part of being able to correctly grasp the golf club. Too low a grip can cause the club to twist in your hands as a result of the player’s unconscious pinching at the bottom of the shot, resulting in the club face being closed. A catch too big and the club can come off at impact, opening the club face. In either case, you will not be able to establish solid and solid contact with any consistency.

In addition to making sure that the size of the handle fits your hands, you need to make sure that you do not play with worn handles. The handles will wear and slip through normal wear, oxidation and moisture. A tired or worn grip will not provide the traction you need to keep the golf club stable throughout your swing. Replacing the grips is easy and inexpensive and can make all the difference in your golf game.

Alignment – Pointing the V!

Having the correct alignment of the handles is a key factor in getting the club face up against the impact. Too little grip, pulling one or both hands away from each other, will help open the clubface, resulting in a push or cut. Too much grip, one hand or both hands facing each other, promotes a closed club face, resulting in traction or a hook.

The best way to make sure your grip is properly aligned is to check the V. The V’s are the angle between your thumb and your index finger on each hand. These should point between your chin and your back shoulder.

Experiment with weaker and stronger handles at the driving position to see how they affect your ball flight. You will find that the only way to make precise and consistent golf shots is to keep your grip aligned.

Pressure – firm and relaxed – do not smother it!

The most common mistake of golfers is to try to smother the golf club. They think that if you squeeze harder, you hit the ball harder. False! Choking the golf club contracts the muscles in your arms, which hinders flexibility and tracking, reducing distance and accuracy.

You want to be able to firmly grasp the club while keeping your arms relaxed. Just press enough to prevent it from slipping between your hands. If you do not apply enough pressure, the golf club will turn around during the swing. To make sure you understand correctly, ask someone to try to remove the golf club from your grip. They should not be able to. If they can, tighten your grip a little. Make sure to keep your arms relaxed.

Do not forget that having the right grip will lay the foundation for a good swing. Do not change your grip to fix a problem elsewhere as you may end up with a less consistent golf swing and poorer shooting results.

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