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Is croquet a good meeting or dating activity? In the eighteen hundred, young people of the British Empire and colonies used croquet as a means of wooing. It was a chance for young men and women to spend time together on the playground without their bourgeois parents, always vigilant and over-protective, watching over their shoulders and watching everything they do. say. But is it still a good dating activity today? I thought so, until I played with "Mallet Girl". I do not remember the real name of Mallet Girl. I will name it Mallet Girl.

Anyway, Mallet Girl and I went to a group in a park to play a nice and casual American croquet. Everything was going well until halfway through the game, when it was Mallet Girl’s turn to hit his ball. She was several wickets behind me and about ten yards away. I was at a safe distance from Mallet Girl, I was in the lead and I thought I had nothing to worry about. The sun was shining in the partly cloudy but mainly blue sky. A cool breeze shook the leaves in the trees. Indeed, I was in a world of almost perfect tranquility.

From my safe distance, I quietly stared out of the corner of my eye as Mallet Girl pulled her stick back to catch her momentum. It was more like a swing to hit a baseball than a croquet ball or a golf swing. Whatever it is, Mallet Girl has rocked to full strength. His ball rolled in the grass as expected, but suddenly, and before I could react, I saw yet in slow motion the tip of his mallet float in the grass towards me. He was going so fast that he was traveling thirty feet without losing altitude. The tip of his mallet threaded toward me, one foot above the grass, slamming in my shin … Whack! leaving me barely time to jump.

All I have to say is that Mallet Girl has left me an impression. For several days, there was a withdrawal and a bruise on the shin. Although Mallet Girl and I never have an appointment again, I will never forget it. I can still see the end of his mallet spinning in the grass towards my shin, even today.

So, is croquet a good activity of seduction? You decide. Many girls would like a relaxing croquet game in the park. It’s a good time or a good activity to talk to someone while playing a friendly game. But beware, the girl you take is not a "girl with a mallet", otherwise you could be in danger. Also, make sure the girl does not beat you, because it stinks of being beaten by a girl … believe me, I know.

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