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Enjoying the island of Boracay depends on what you need or what you intend to do. The level of activities you want to participate in is also a determining factor. It’s a heavenly paradise on a small piece of land in the Pacific where you can do what you dream to do.

Many people who live in what is called the race of rats of civilization and whose work is being addressed are already busy all day long. For them, a quiet period of peace and no activity may be what they need. If all you need is water noise that strikes the shore or the beach and feet in the sand where nobody will bother you for any reason, it’s the The place you need. There are private beaches, like in Balinghia, where even the reception of a mobile phone is not possible and absolutely no pedestrian traffic, but drinks and food can still be lowered from the top from the cliff.

The nearby Dimiwid beach is reserved for guests of exclusive resorts where, at the edges, you can enjoy the same isolation, but be closer to the comfort of your home with your toes in the sand. You can even go to Puka Beach where no marketing is allowed. It is a public beach, but the surf along the coast prevents families from coming here in large numbers, so loneliness is almost guaranteed again.

In sum, if you just want to relax and do nothing, it’s the island you can do with all the luxury you desire and that has a place for every budget to enjoy the peace and quiet harmony that can only be achieved by dream in the real world. .

For those of you who want activities, you have a wide assortment to choose from. This includes cliff diving for the bravest of Puka Beach or hiking and trekking in the unlisted areas of the islands. Organized tours depart from Angol Point and end at the highest point of Boracay on Mount Luho. It is the ideal place for those wishing to enjoy nature in a natural state and locations for some of the best photos you can take on the island.

For sports fans, there is an 18-hole golf course in the center of the island or many beach volleyball games that spring up all around the island. For animal lovers, an activity awaits you at the riding stable of Boracay. Here, there are guided tours of the island on horseback with tamed creatures so that people of all ages and all levels can enjoy this adventure.

In the water, you can swim, body-surf or take a short cruise. On cruises, you can enjoy scenery, snorkeling or dive into the many coral reefs that surround this majestic paradise on Earth.

The nightlife is also active with food, drinks, music and dancing until sunrise if you wish, party all night on the beach.

If you dream of having fun on a Pacific island, Boracay is the perfect place to make it a reality. There is something for the whole family or just the time alone for yourself or with that special person in your life. The island of Boracay has a place for you and your budget, which is waiting to be explored.

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