Hitting A Golf Ball Slow Mo ID – Golf Tips For Beginners

Clubhead acceleration, the seventh of ten distinctions between the two pre-golf swings.

The two perfect golf swings are The Centrifugal Force Swing and The Muscular Force Swing.

The seventh distinction is the ACCELERATION OF CLUBHEAD.

In the Centrifugal Force Swing (Swinging Swing), the acceleration of the clubhead is achieved by pulling down the grip end of the golf club. This speeds up the longitudinal acceleration of the club tree. This longitudinal movement is maintained until the head of the club is outside a perpendicular line of the rod with the ground. Once the clubhead is out of this line, the centrifugal force takes over and drives the clubhead into impact with the golf ball. This longitudinal acceleration starts quickly and the clubhead gains speed as it moves downward, outward and forward, under the impact of the golf ball.

In the swing, the club is accelerated in this precise order:

1. Pulling down the hands starts the acceleration

2. Centrifugal force, left wrist release, adds speed

3. Unlocking the right arm for more speed

4. Body rotation adds final acceleration

In the muscle movement, the acceleration of the club head is achieved by a simultaneous thrust of the right arm downwards, outwards and forwards, against the club neck. This push of the right arm towards the impact with the golf ball is a radial acceleration. Radial acceleration starts slowly and increases speed as it moves under the impact of the golf ball.

Whether in the movement of centrifugal force or in the movement of muscular strength, the club head gains speed from the beginning of the descent until the club head has passed through the center. impact with the golf ball.

In the swing, from the beginning of the descent, the club head is always drawn.

In the striking shot, from the start of the descent through the pursuit, the club’s head is still pushed.

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