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The World’s Simplest Golf Swing

You’re about to learn.
The “Vertical” golf swing I taught my son, two-time PGA Tour Winner DJ Trahan,
and how this *exact same swing* can help you hit the ball straighter and farther in less than a couple of buckets of balls!

Don Trahan (The Swing Surgeon)
Hilton Head Island, SC
Thursday, 6:37 AM

It’s early morning and I’m ready for a full day of teaching my limited turn, 3/4 vertical golf swing known all over the world as the Peak Performance Golf Swing– so I only have a few minutes to write.

Since the swing has caught on with over 600,000 golfers over the past four years, I invariably find myself telling newcomers over and over what the swing is, and why it’s so different. So I wrote this “letter” to summarize the key facts about what this swing can do for golfers like you and why people who adopt it quickly achieve some pretty amazing results.

First off, let’s clear the air. the Peak Performance Golf Swing is not a “new” swing at all. I’ve been teaching it for over 30 years now. I even taught the same swing to my son, DJ, back when he was just a young tike. As a Junior, DJ won an amazing 93% of the tournaments he played in, often beating players much older, like the year he won the U.S. Public Links Championship. In college, he led the Clemson Tigers to an NCAA Championship, was named the Collegiate Player of the Year, and for a while he was the #1 Ranked Amateur in the world. DJ is 32 years old now and playing on the PGA Tour where he’s won two tournaments and earned nearly $9.5 million. Throughout all of this, he’s relied on the same “vertical” swing I taught him when he was six.

Over the years, I’ve modified the swing a little, making subtle improvements as I strove to make it completely compatible with the laws of physics and the way our human physiology works. In fact, I earned the rare title of PGA Master Professional on the basis of my decades of scientific study of the golf swing. Along the way, I’ve helped multiple PGA pros, been named a “Top 50 Instructor”, and served for five years as a Golf Magazine Teaching Editor. Yet despite this, 99.9% of my fellow teaching professionals still teach a rotational swing that most amateurs cannot control and that will ultimately cause painful muscular and skeletal damage to anyone who plays frequently, no mater how fit they are or how well they play the game. If you need proof of this, just look to the PGA Tour and the legion of great players that have suffered significant swing-related injuries over the last 30 years.

don trahan golf magazine - Learn How To Play Golf Left HandedWhy don’t more instructors teach the Peak Performance Golf Swing.

This is a question I get asked a lot, and for years I really didn’t have a good answer because the scientific and medical evidence I’ve worked hard to pull together is there for all to see. Not to mention the fact that almost everyone who learns my method gets better from the very first lesson. Then one day, a very well-respected Senior Editor at a leading golf publication told me the simple truth: “Don, the reason more teaching pros don’t embrace your swing is because they’re afraid that if you are right, then they’ve been wrong for years and years. They don’t know how to go to their students and admit that they have found a better way to swing a golf club and shoot lower scores.”

Intrigued? I hope so. But if you’re like most people you’re probably asking yourself “What the heck is a “vertical” swing and what is so different about it?”

Ok, here’s a quick list of some items that stand out as different.

  • Less Rotation – With my limited turn, vertical swing you keep your lower body quiet and don’t rotate your back nearly as much as the “traditional” golf swing.
  • Tighter Grip – You don’t hold the club “light” as with a tube of toothpaste. You have to firmly hold on to the darn if you are shaking someone’s hand.
  • No Wrist Hinge – With my swing, there is no reason to “cock” your wrists at the top. In fact, I’ve learned that cocking your wrists is a great destroyer of accuracy and power.
  • 3/4 Swing – that’s right, it’s only a 3/4 swing, never parallel (but that doesn’t mean you lose power – more on that later)
  • Stop Focusing on Hitting Down – We “DONT ever, ever hit down”. instead we Swing Up because that’s how you accelerate through the ball.
  • No One-Step-Takeaway – Forget it, you can trash it forever – as if anyone could ever explain it anyway. right?

Now, if that’s not different, then I don’t know what is.

And All Of This “Alternative Swing” Stuff Coming from a Top Instructor?

It’s not like I’m new to the game and created this swing out of thin air. I’ve been a teaching pro since 1972 and I’ve given over 30,000 private lessons (students include several top touring PGA and LPGA pros). I was a Teaching Editor for Golf Magazine for five years and I’ve also been named a “Top 50” and “Top 100” Golf Instructor. I’ve published two books on the golf swing and produced over 1,400 FREE video golf tips that are followed by hundreds of thousands of golfers in over 125 countries worldwide. On top of all of this, I earned the prestigious PGA Master Professional designation based on my intensive scientific study of the golf swing. To date, the PGA of America has bestowed this classification on fewer than 400 of all of the hundreds of thousands of PGA Professionals who have belonged to the organization since its inception in 1916. Somewhere along the way, I also picked up the nickname “The Swing Surgeon” because of my ability to “take apart a golf swing in just one lesson and then put it back together without leaving any scars.” Today, my friends and students call me “Surge” and it’s a nickname I proudly respond to.

I’ve also played in dozens of PGA professional tournaments, even played in the U.S. Senior Open, and I’ve had 14 aces in my career. So I guess you could say that I live this game!

Introducing My Top Student:
My Son – D.J. Trahan

dj trophy - Learn How To Play Golf Left HandedI don’t mean to brag on my son, but let’s be honest – the proof is in the pudding.

He’s approaching $9.5 million in winnings on the professional tour since his rookie year. His name is DJ Trahan, he’s my son, and he’s living proof that my Peak Performance Golf Swing swing really works. Not only on the pro-level but also on the amateur level as well.

DJ launches majestic 300+ yard drives down the fairway using less effort than most pros. Over the years, his performance has earned him lots of animated praise and notice, especially when he won the Bob Hope Chrysler Tournament in 2008 and when he tied for fourth at the US Open.

And if you’ve seen DJ swing, you’ve seen his.

Effortless Power, Awesome Distance, and Laser-Like Accuracy

USopen - Learn How To Play Golf Left HandedIn fact, not only does he compete on the tour, he’s better than average in almost every single category. So far in 2013, his Average Driving Distance is 292.4 yards, and Greens in Regulation percentage is a phenomenal 70.11% (good for 4th place). And as of mid-June the PGA Tour has him ranked as the 4th best Ball Striker on tour this year. Bear in mind now, that this performance is on the toughest courses in the world!

DJ isn’t a huge guy – he’s around 185 lbs And he uses the exact golf swing that I am about to teach you!

So how can he be one of the best ball strikers in the pro game today if he doesn’t take his club to parallel in the backswing like virtually every other guy on tour? That’s easy–it’s because of the simplicity of the Peak Performance Golf Swing and the fact that it is the only swing that conforms 100% to the laws of physics and human physiology. If you’ve taken golf lessons over the last 20+ years, you’ve undoubedtly been told that true power only comes from rotating your upper body to the extreme range of its rotational capability and taking the club to parallel. That’s dead wrong–and I have the scientific studies to prove it. (More on that at a later time.) In fact, the only thing the rotational swing excels at is destroying knees, hips, backs and shoulders!

I’ve had countless numbers of my peers question my swing because they (mistakenly) believe that one can’t generate decent club head speed by swinging your arms in front of your body. Yet when DJ was in college and the #1 Ranked Amateur in the world, his club head speed was measured at a phenomenal 125 MPH and it looked effortless. Over the years, DJ has learned that the pursuit of more club head speed doesn’t necessarily translate to longer drives so he has backed off a bit to the “mid-teens” to improve his ball striking and GIR performance. And even though he’s capable of hitting +400 yard drives, like he did in the first round of the 2010 Greenbrier Classic when he smashed a 405 yard beauty on the sixth hole, he now plays smarter golf and lets the course and conditions determine whether using his driver is the right choice. With his highly efficient swing, he doesn’t give up much yardage when he chooses to go with his 3-wood off the tee.

But just in case you are thinking that DJ is some kind of an anomaly, or that we were only able to do this because DJ has been competing since such a young age or something. I have to introduce you to David Hutsell.

David has been my student for over 20 years and is also a good buddy of mine, and two years ago, he won the 2011 PGA Professional National Tournament. He’s a fellow “Surge Swinger”. Been using the “vertical” swing since 1992.

In David’s own words, “the Peak Performance Swing is as close to perfect as we can get”.

Check him out, we were all real proud when he won!

kisstrophy1 - Learn How To Play Golf Left Handed

The “Vertical” Swing is NOT Just for Pros

Even though I knew DJ had something special as a young boy, I had no idea he was going to make it to the tour. That’s not exactly something that you can gamble on.

I was just teaching him the same thing that I teach every one of my students. It’s called the “Peak Performance Golf Swing”. It’s a “vertical” golf swing that is totally different than anything that you’ve ever seen, and it flat out works.

It works for high handicappers with almost immediate results. It works for low handicappers like DJ and David.

It works because it’s based on physics and on human physiology–the study of how the human body functions.

Here’s three guys – Myself, David, and DJ – totally different body types, different heights and weights, different everything, pretty much. All using the same swing to play at the highest levels.

But I’m MOST amazed at what the “Vertical” Swing does for my “everyday” students on the Range

Check out what regular golfers just like you are saying about their new “Vertical” swings.

testimonials stan kasten - Learn How To Play Golf Left Handed“Don’s techniques are great ’cause they work! He breaks everything down in a way that you can understand and remember. He can help anyone with any problem. He can help you.”
Stan Kastan
President, Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball

testimonials jon corliss new - Learn How To Play Golf Left Handed“The golf swing you’ve been helping me with is working! I just won the Southern Chapter Assistant’s Championship at Hermitage Country Club in Richmond.”
Jon Corliss
PGA Professional, Hell’s Point GC, Virginia Beach, VA

testimonials avron fogelman - Learn How To Play Golf Left Handed“The Swing Surgeon has the unique ability to immediately and easily communicate the simple, basic fundamentals of golf. I have made meaningful improvements!”
Avron Fogelman
President, Fogelman Properties and Former Owner, Kansas City Royals

“Put simply, the way Don teaches you to hit a golf ball works. His methods are easy to understand and easy to repeat every time you walk up to the first tee.”
Bob Dubiel
Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Titleist

testimonials mike hughes - Learn How To Play Golf Left Handed“Frankly, I don’t know anyone who understands the golf swing so completely.”
Mike Hughes
Executive Director, The National Golf Course Owners Association

“My golf has really improved since I started following your teachings. I had tried other arm swing methods before, Leslie King and De La Torre but something about your appearance on the Golf Channel and the DVD really connected with me. At first I lost a bit of distance but that has now come back fully. The best thing of all is that for the first time I can really go for pins. I do exactly what you suggest now, wide knees, V over ball, into the mitt and up the tree and crucially swingup to the forward mitt and up the tree again. It’s amazing how the swingup really helps every shot in the back especially in the short game. All my golfing pals has commented on the improvement. I won the 4ball on Monday last in Royal Dublin. I’m 46 and have been playing about 7 years, my handicap is 14.9, I think that is going to fall this year without doubt!
“Once again a big thank you for the improvement and most of all for the freedom and painless swinging.”

“Wow! For the first time in my life I have a sense of the fundamentals. Now, I’ve got something to work on and fall back to.”
Matthew J. Ryan
Coopers & Lybrand, Stamford, CT

“Don Trahan has been an important part of my golfing life. What I’ve learned from him has helped me to become a competitive player on the LPGA tour. If you want to become a competitive player, he can do for you what he did for me.”
Katie Peterson Parker
LPGA Tour Player

I was a 16 handicap but after adopting your swing I have straightened my shots out and dropped to a 10.5. No loss of distance. Maybe a gain on my drive. I think your swing is a lot easier on my back and requires less practice.
Kevin Edwards
Golden, CO

Before I look at ball flight, I pay attention to how your body moves and how you move energy through your body. I have corrected life-long problems (and golf injuries) for many of my students in under a half hour.
Check out what Dr. Ned Armstrong says about how this swing can prevent injury and allow for you to play the game pain-free!

testimonials dr ned armstrong - Learn How To Play Golf Left HandedI’m an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine. Every day, golfers come to my office with swing-related injuries. Then, I met Don Trahan. For the first time in my life, I met a teacher who taught a swing that complied with the natural movement of the body.
If you would like to simplify your golf swing and generate more clubhead speed than you have ever generated in your life using the natural movement of your body, Peak Performance Golf is the only place I know to get it!

Dr. Ned Armstrong
Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Specialist, Atlanta, Georgia

Today is the Day Your Golf Game Changes

If you’ve ever taken golf lessons, you know exactly what I am talking about. You go for lessons and the instructor says “you’ll have to work at this swing for a few months until the change takes place.” I say those tips are a bunch of bull. His students agree, “It took 30 minutes and I was hitting it straighter and longer.”

You’re getting the goods, distance, accuracy, and insure your body won’t get injured with the Peak Performance Golf Swing. And just to make sure you experience the explosive force and power of this swing, I insist.

You Give This “Vertical” Swing a Try and See for Yourself

That’s right. I am so convinced once you try my Peak Performance Golf Swing you’ll never want go back to your old game. Why would you once you discover.

  • Exactly what makes a good golf swing. Forget the nonsense your buddies advise you on the links. No one focuses on this critical piece that makes you a winner.
  • Simple fixes that will create power and control. This adjustment is simple and will make all of your drives fly as straight as an arrow.
  • Keep your head down? Wrong. You’re gonna get instruction on what you should really do with your head when you swing your driver.
  • How a simple swinging motion lets your avoid golf injuries in your hips or shoulders. If you have ever had a twinge of pain when you take a shot, you should do this simple 5 second prep before you hit the first tee.
  • Chair golf? The secrets of your downswing can be mastered in your easy chair. Call it the lazy man’s way to golf if you will. (You’ll call it a low score card at the end of 18 holes.)
  • Back pain is rapidly becoming the major complaint across the country. Adding golf to the mixture is like throwing gasoline on a fire. unless, you follow Don’s simple remedy for correcting the problem.
  • You never paid attention to these muscles but they can save you from a lifetime of crippling injuries (as well as humiliation on the course.)
  • The secret to correcting your slice once and for all. It robs you of distance, accuracy, and makes all your friends snicker behind your back.
  • As far as I know, Isaac Newton never played golf in his life. Yet, his discovery of gravity is connected to lowering your score. Seem surprised? So were some PGA pros until they heard me teach this concept.
  • The one-two combination no one knows about (let alone teaches) that leads you to.

Now it’s your turn to learn powerful swing concepts and techniques including.

  • Yes there is a perfect swing but it’s not what you think. And understanding this crucial lesson determines who walks away a winner and who comes creeping back with this tail between his legs. I illustrate my concepts with simple easy to understand terms and analogies you’ll have no idea how much effort went in to making his tips sound simple.
  • Why you must play by two sets of rules on the course. You know about the USGA rules, but it’s the other set you really need to pay attention to.
  • Why golf instructors insist on making things harder than they need to be and what you should do instead. (And don’t go back and yell at them when it turns out their advice was holding back your game.)
  • Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals What they are and why they’re the most overlooked KEY to your golf game. Once you learn them, your competition’s gonna be asking some questions.
  • Why you want people calling your game “boring” boring and predictable to be precise. Predictable to be consistently better than your golfing buddies. Maybe in life you don’t want to be boring, but in golf, that’s exactly what you need to win.
  • If you’ve never paid attention to Jack Nicklaus’s setup, it’s pretty darn simple. AND he did it the same way each time. How YOU can MASTER the easy as pie step-by-step instructions to Nicklaus’s secret setup routine.
  • How to line up your shot to instantly add major yardage. (By incorporating this one incredibly easy piece of advice to your setup, you’ll automatically add 30 yards to your shots from the tee.)
  • Would you rather play golf for fun or aiming to win? (I don’t think you’d be reading this if you were just playing for the fun of the game!) Why the mindset matters and a one-tip solution that will keep you playing at your peak for longer than those older fellas on the Champions tours.
  • What you need to know about your left hand and forearm that will give you the perfect grip once and for all to continually direct the ball with pinpoint accuracy.
  • The Right Way to use your Right hand when you want to get the PERFECT GRIP (Not so common-sense but very simple!)
  • How to get and play with that delicate sense of “feel” that eludes, oh, JUST ABOUT EVERY GOLFER. (You don’t need a lesson in the physics of Centrifugal force to get it either)
  • And. the effortless grip that will seal the game for you because it will enable you to have .
  • The Exact Perfect Swing Every Single Time!

And there’s so much more including.

  • Four easy ways to check that you always have the ideal grip for your new, flawless golf game! (One of the only techniques in the game that NEVER FAILS!) AND why the size of your club’s grip DOES matter.
  • How to get the right posture of the guys on the PGA tour! Step by step instructions make it actually REALLY EASY.
  • How to take advantage of the scientific application of simple to give your clubhead maximum speed EVERY TIME without all the complicated steps that the “experts” are trying to teach you!
  • How to easily use the “swing plane” to make your arms deliver the perfect swing that will astound your friends with its efficiency!
  • What you don’t know about how you bend your knees WILL hurt you and why you can stop listening to the chatter boxes telling you about how to balance. You can instantly learn how to “flex” your knees that gives you enough balance to go around!
  • Why right-handed golfers actually have it harder than their lefty counterparts. (You know about the left arm being so important, right?). AND learn how to set up your shot to avoid this problem.
  • How to get the art of “proper impact alignment” IMMEDIATELY to work for your own golf swing! 90-95% of swing problems arise from improper alignment. You can avoid them! (The one most important method used by all the truly great golf legends, from Nicklaus and Palmer even going all the way back to Bobby Jones himself!)
  • Why focusing on your target in a way you can’t learn from anyone else WILL instantly improve your accuracy and how to analyze shot selection.
  • Why you don’t need to be on the best courses in Arizona, Florida, or Birmingham, Alabama for that matter, to be able to conquer whatever any course throws at you. (You’re not going to be hitting divot during your golf swing anymore).
  • If you’re practicing your swing at the driving range, and you like how you’re doing, you may want to know why it’s not translating well to your drives on the golf course. and tips on what you can be doing at the range to get it done. (You may start to draw a crowd there.)
  • The secret of determining your “line of flight” how your ball’s gonna get where you want it. AND EXACTLY HOW TO GET IT THERE! (Psst: This is something that you can’t get better without)
  • One man’s story of his toes reveals a secret of alignment that will make the difference from hitting the rough to the green. This easy trick will make increasing the perfect symmetry of your hit even easier.
  • Instead of using “what feels right” to hit your shots, you’ll have a tested (by multiple money-making professionals!) and WORKING system to give your swing the.

Efficiency, Consistency, And Accuracy Of A Well-Oiled Machine!

Your buddies on the links will fear you because you’ll know things they’ve never heard.

  • What’s the only correct “takeaway” and why it may be the single most important method to giving your golf swing the efficiency it needs. AND how to do it the right way the first time you’re on the course!
  • The incredible secrets of visualization (which will put you in a whole nother tier than all the other golfers on the course!)
  • How to keep your wrists and hands at the EXACT angle to get the PERFECT swing down pat. and WHEN you’re gonna need to do it.
  • How to use your arms’ natural motions together with the natural form of gravity to form the perfectly natural swing. that nobody else even knows about!
  • The one move you CAN NOT make with your head. Most golfers make this mistake over and over – and lose out at almost every hole! And this is not nearly what you think. In fact, it’s the opposite.
  • Even the beginners know about what to do with your left arm, but in fact your left arm is actually probably ruining your short game and cheating you out of most of your power! (Easily fixes the problem, as soon as you know the secret!)
  • The secrets of keeping fully focused throughout your round, just like the pros do! The secret is recognizing WHEN to relax and how to do it. so that you’re on top of your game even after the 18th hole.
  • HUGE blunders nearly everyone’s doing that take away valuable distance from you (mainly in your backswing). Yet, just about no one tells you what they are especially not the local pro teaching at your golf course, who really just likes the fact that you keep coming back for pricey private golf lessons.
  • The secret of using your wrists that’ll increase your accuracy by 200%. plus how to get rid of all of your poor tendencies almost instantly!
  • Why what works for one player may actually hurt another and how to get personal tips for your personal needs.
  • How to make the secrets of a Peak Performance golf swing become foundations to shape your game meaning.

There is an Easier Answer for Your Swing

PGA touring pros crowd around me to find out about.

  • Why there’s a problem in the X-factor that EVERYONE is teaching about how to turn your body when you’re swinging and what’s really going to improve your swing. (I’ll give you a hint, it’s not your back!)
  • What Ben Hogan knew about the golf swing and your hand-positioning WILL change your swing forever. You just gotta face your hands in the right direction. (Think you can handle that?) Peak Performance will show you just how to do it.
  • Why the secrets of the actual swing are the easiest parts of golf to learn. which can give your swing everything it needs! (The perfect hybrid of more power and better accuracy.) And where NOT to stand to get this to work perfectly.
  • What took years to figure out about how to stand right AFTER you hit is yours in a minute of reading. Avoid a CRITICAL MISTAKE that the “experts” are teaching.
  • Why people who hit lucky shots aren’t gonna make it. BECAUSE THEY DON”T KNOW WHAT THEY DID, they can’t repeat it. My system gives you exactly that. a SYSTEM for that works so you know when you’re doing it right.

And that’s only for starters. There’s lots more if you.

Check Out my “Vertical” Swing – With NO RISK

I want to improve your golf game and I’ve assembled a massive package to get you started just for checking out the Peak Performance Golf Swing.

Just for saying “Maybe” I’m going to send you nearly 4 hours of instructional video that will teach you the “Vertical” golf swing including:

foundations combo lg - Learn How To Play Golf Left Handed

pp setup - Learn How To Play Golf Left Handed

The Setup I’m sure you’re familiar with the old truism “What goes around, comes around”. In terms of the golf swing, I like to turn that phrase around a bit with my #1 Surgism “The Setup determines the motion”. Until you master every element of proper setup, you are doomed to suffer inconsistent results. Take the time to learn my setup methods and you’ll see a dramatic improvement in your swing almost instantly.

pp alignment - Learn How To Play Golf Left Handed

Alignment In my 35+ years of teaching, without a doubt, the #1 problem I see in ALL golfers, including pros, is poor alignment. And my scientific study of the golf swing has given me insights into teaching proper alignment that no other instructor I know of teaches their students. If you want to eliminate 90-95% of your swing problems, then you need to learn alignment the Surge Way.

pp takeaway - Learn How To Play Golf Left Handed

The Take Away Have you been taught to start your backswing by pushing the club away from the ball, low to the ground? I believe that is the worst possible take away since it causes the front shoulder to be pulled down and you end up with a reverse tilt (and a sore back), not to mention a lot of thin or mishit shots.

pp flopshot - Learn How To Play Golf Left Handed

The Flop Shot This is arguably the most difficult shot in golf–and one that should only be used when no other shot you could make has a chance. But there are times when it is the ONLY choice you have. in this video, my son, two-time PGA Tour winner DJ Trahan, shows you how to make the swing and when you should think about using it.

pp bunker - Learn How To Play Golf Left Handed

Bunker Play Many amateurs are needlessly intimidated by sand traps. In this video, DJ and I will teach you how to play this type of shot with confidence.

You can have the “Massive” Package I’ve Developed Specifically for my Range Students

I want to give you a free look at my “Vertical” Golf Swing Package to give you a taste of what I teach the Pros, how I taught DJ and David, and how this swing will work for you.

It’s the same package that students get when they come see me in person.

I charge $250 an hour (with a two hour minimum) for private lessons and there’s a long waiting list for amateurs. Which is why we developed this package in the first place. We needed a way to get the “Vertical” swing out there, without seeing every student face to face. There’s only so many hours in a day.

With the advent of the internet, I can give you some great savings (see below), and you can get all the secrets of my swing for a fraction of the price.

You Get it – RISK FREE

I’m going to give you 90 Days to Review the “Vertical” Golf Swing Package. If you love what you see, then maybe you can come down to Hilton Head to see me in person. If you don’t love it, for whatever reason, simply return it. You have 90 days for crying out loud!

Again, if you’re not happy for any reason ,any reason at all, just return the “Vertical” Golf Swing Package. I’ll be happy you at least said “Maybe.”

This is gonna be the fastest you’ve ever improved your golf swing. And you’re about to discover why “The Swing Surgeon” is the answer to every golf problem you ever had.

So say “maybe” right now and I’ll send this amazing package your way for a quick look.

And if you’re anything like the folks who have already been training with me on the range, you’ll never let this “vertical” Golf Swing out of your hands.

YES, Don! I’m ready to learn your body-friendly scientifically proven way to hit balls farther and straighter in just 2 buckets of balls. Thanks for paying for my shipping and for the generous 90 day guarantee, too. I realize I can return the DVD’s within the next three months at any time, for any reason, immediately and without hassle. This takes ALL the pressure off my decision. and truly lets me use everything FREE, if I choose.

foundations combo sm - Learn How To Play Golf Left HandedYour Peak Performance Package order includes:

The Fundamentals of the Peak Performance Golf Swing (256 minutes run time)

Learn my “PGA Tour tested” golf swing in less time than it takes to watch an afternoon of golf, and in the privacy of your own home–stop, pause and rewind these HD videos at your own pace. In fact, you can go out to your backyard and take a few practice swings to learn the concept you’ve just watched me demonstrate. What’s more, you can take your wifi-enabled smart phone or tablet to the range and stream the portions of the instructional video you want to work on.

PPGS Foundations Manual

Surge’s 112-page, fully-illustrated swing “field manual” that not only gives you a concise recap of the swing’s components but also the science behind why swinging this way is in full compliance with the laws of physics and human physiology. Once you understand these underlying principles, applying them to my limited turn, 3/4 vertical swing becomes a whole lot easier.

Plus these 5 Awesome Bonuses – Limited Time

  • The Setup – INCLUDED
  • Alignment – INCLUDED
  • The Take Away – INCLUDED
  • The Flop Shot – INCLUDED
  • Bunker Play – INCLUDED

Choose Your Peak Performance Foundations Package

See you on the inside,

don trahan signature - Learn How To Play Golf Left Handed
Master PGA Professional
Creator of the “Peak Performance Golf Swing”

PS. This is like no other golf program you’ve ever seen. You’ll be blown away when you discover the secrets the PGA pros don’t like to share. You’ll see results the very first time you apply what “The Golf Surgeon” says to your game. Not in 30 days. Not in 60 days. The same day – guaranteed.

PPS. Check out what other golfers like yourself are saying about this “easy” swing.

video testimonials header back - Learn How To Play Golf Left Handed

“Years ago I purchased Don’s first video “Straight Golf” after seeing him on the Golf Channel. Right then I new this guy was special! He was kind enough to give me the 4th secret via e-mail and bingo, it all can together and my swing has changed for the better ever since. So in support of Don and to reinforce what knowledge I already have I purchased the new DVD’s and they, as expected, are the best Golf instruction in the game!”
Troy, MI

“Really enjoy the lessons, very informative, makes more sense than anything else I’ve seen. Thank you.”
John Vargo

“Thanks Don and D.J.
“I have the DVD set but in the freebe on setup, I just caught the part on having most of your weight on right leg at setup. What a difference this has made. Keep up the great work for all of us out here. Thanks!”

“I read your first tip the other day. It was keeping your wrist straight with your left arm and the shaft of your club to the ball. I have had trouble with my hands not working thru the shot, this has corrected my problem. I have my old swing back. I shot 71, yesterday. For 2 years my hands have worked on some occasions and not on others. Thank you so much.”
Victor Hardin “Pippi”

“The 3/4 swing has taken the slice out of my driver, thanks a ton.”

“Wow, I was thinking about narrowing my stance all day at work and I was hoping this video would confirm that. I am a power monger and routinely have a driver width stance with a pitching wedge. I guess that’s why my back is not in the greatest shape. I am looking forward to the DVD’s. I smell a 10 Handicap going down to a 4 very fast. Thanks a ton Don.”
Eddie Delaurier

“Greetings from Ireland.
“Don, you are a legend!! I have dramtically reduced my scores from averaging 95s to 80-85 in the last few months and it’s down to your great tips!”
Dillon Smith

“Hi Don, I’m enjoying the new e-mails and I’ve really enjoyed the DVD’s. I’ve pretty much ignored all other swing philosophy since working with you at Defuskie in ’04. It really simplifies things for me to only follow your swing tips. Proud to tell you I shot my all time low last Thursday – 74! Its really helped to review everything I learned with the DVD’s – I even used your “mental memory” tips in a Sunday school lesson making a parallel to remembering scripture. Oh well I guess that makes me a disciple in more than one way!”
Jeff Waits

“Hi Don,
“Have really enjoyed your videos. At age of 71, I find I am hitting the ball with more power than I ever have before. I am still working on the details, but am extremely confident that my scores will improve dramatically.”

“I have been committed to Surge’s swing for 7 months & I do not have it mastered by any means, but I have gone from a 5 hcp to a 1.7 and have 1 win, 2 seconds, 1 third, 1 fifth & 1 ninth place finish in 6 gross 36 hole tournaments. In the past I could not seem to get any better than a 5hcp, but this swing has improved my accuracy to the point where If I miss a fairway or green is only by a few yards and not 10+ and the pain in my back for days after are gone completely. I still chunk one now & then or decell when between clubs from time to time, but I am amazed how a swing that goes against most of how we are all taught from instructors, books & TV can be so damn right. Lower scores, better shots & no pain. Distance suffered at first, but I’m now back to where I was. If you truly commit to the swing and pay attention to those crazy back porch tips you have to get better. Surge should get the Nobel Peace Prize.
“Don’t give up on the swing. Change only comes after fully leaving your comfort zone. You can’t half ass this swing as I did for 2 months or you’ll just end up going back to you old swing and old problems. I was where you are, but I had tried other adjustments & they only worked for a short time & my back issues never went away. At 55 I went from a 5.3 to a 1.7 and have posted 5 sub par rounds in the last 4 months with 3 being in tournaments. Haven’t shot over 79 in over 45 rounds. I finally believe I’m going to play well every time out. I don’t hit every shot perfect & I have some real screw up holes once in a while due to the 6″ between my ears, but they are far & few. This swing gives me the confidence that I’m going to stick a few so I can now forget the bad holes knowing it wasn’t the swing it was me trying to be too cute. I went from anti Surge to Pro Surge in 7 months and I’ll never go back. As you know the lower your hcp the harder it is to reduce it. A 20 hcp can improve 10 strokes pretty quick with a few key changes, but we can’t do that so it takes a little longer for a change to pay off. You won’t regret the time & effort and next spring you’ll be posting more rounds in the 70’s than you ever thought possible. Accept that you’ll get frustrated from time to time, don’t modify the Surge Swing, experiment with ball position, practice, practice, practice, commit to the change & enjoy this great game a lot more for the rest of your life no matter how old you are now. ”
Zeke Zietak

The World’s Simplest Golf Swing You’re about to learn. The “Vertical” golf swing I taught my son, two-time PGA Tour Winner DJ Trahan, and how this *exact same swing* can help you hit the ball

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