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How to Play Fantasy Golf

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Fantasy golf is one of the fastest growing activities in the fantasy sports industry. You can play for free or with real money on the line, and you participate by assembling a roster of golfers who’ll be playing on a particular day or over the course of multiple days or tournaments. When people think of fantasy golf, they think of the two largest providers of daily fantasy sports: DraftKings and FanDuel.

Although fantasy golf is trending, it isn’t particularly new, and there are many different configurations in which the game is played. In this article, we’ll focus on the salary cap structure because that’s the format that both DraftKings and FanDuel prefer for all of their games. In this style, every player is assigned a monetary value, and you have to complete a roster within the confines of a salary cap.

Fantasy Golf at DraftKings

DraftKings offers both daily and weekly fantasy golf leagues but generally not leagues that extend over multiple events. Free games are available, and you can even win real money through them, but the bulk of the action requires an entry fee. Fees usually start at around $3, but there are contests with buy-ins that are in the thousands.

DraftKings Contest Types

draftkings contest types - In Play Golf Betting Tips

Many golf leagues at DraftKings play out in a tournament, which means that you’re in a large field of contestants, but you can also play head to head. You can also opt for 50/50s, which are tournaments where everyone in the top half wins.

Check out the video below to get an idea on how DraftKings works.

How to Play on DraftKings

Fantasy Golf at FanDuel

It may surprise you to learn that as of the writing of this article, FanDuel doesn’t yet support fantasy golf. The reason likely has to do with language in the UIGEA that puts fantasy golf in a gray area. Nevertheless, we’re discussing FanDuel because the company added fantasy golf for the 2016 PGA Tour. A sticking point with FanDuel when it comes to fantasy golf is the concept of accumulated stats. What this means for players like you is that FanDuel will likely emphasize weekly and multi-event leagues rather than daily leagues that DraftKings does.

Sign up to FanDuel and play for free, read about the FanDuel promo code here! Learn more about Fanduel at

Fundamentals of Fantasy Golf

A single fantasy golf contest typically covers an entire event, from Thursday to Sunday, which means that you’ll have to deal with the cut. These are the type of contests that DraftKings offers.

Also, daily fantasy sports sites may offer multi-tournament leagues – such as the contests that Fanduel will offer. These contests will span multiple PGA tournaments. Multi-tournament leagues can be tougher because you have to find sustained performance. Choosing Spieth or McIlroy is pretty easy, but you won’t be able to field a roster of top players. The big difference between the typical fantasy golf contest and multi-tournament play is that you must draft players that can perform consistently across multiple courses.

DraftKings uses a fairly straightforward scoring system. Golfers score for individual holes: 8 points for an eagle, 3 for a birdie, 0.5 for par and so forth. They also score for streaks and bonuses, such as 3 points for a three-birdie streak and 10 points for a hole in one. Golfers also earn points based on how they finished in a particular round or on the overall leaderboard. Birdies are king in fantasy golf, and generally, winning players will distance themselves from the pack with birdies scored.

DraftKings Fantasy PGA Scoring

draftkings fantasy pga scoring rules - In Play Golf Betting Tips

Visit for some free strategies and reviews. You can read their review of DraftKings here.

Strategy: Making the Cut

The cut is a concept that’s unique to golf in the world of fantasy sports. More than half the field in a PGA event is eliminated on Friday. That means that you could pick a player who’s disqualified. Note that the cut can also effect daily leagues because even if you’re contest takes place on Sunday, some leagues will require you to lock in your roster before Friday. So keep in mind that getting all of your golfers through the weekend is more important than finding that surprise performer.

Strategy: Course Matters

Choosing golfers for fantasy golf is a lot like betting horses. Not all PGA Tour courses are created equal, and most pros have courses where they shine and those were they don’t. There are a lot of statistics available on modern golfers, and you can target pros that play well on a particular grass, in specific weather, at certain temperature ranges and so forth. It also helps to look at last year’s event, which can help identify courses that really favors strong drivers or some other characteristic.

Strategy: Finding Value

Picking studs is easy. Finding value to round out your team isn’t. A great tool for beginners are the Vegas odds. Perhaps no fantasy sport demonstrates bigger discrepancies between odds and player salary than golf. The bookmakers are very good at setting odds for a particular player based on the course, weather and other factors. As a novice, get a leg up by choosing golfers that Vegas favors but that DraftKings salary ratings do not.

Sound like fun? IT IS! We recommend trying it out at DraftKings. They offer free contests so you can get a feel for the game and not have to risk any real money. Click here to visit DraftKings!

And of course, fantasy football is by far the most popular fantasy sports game in the world. Sign up with this DraftKings promotion code for a $200 bonus!

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31 Jan 2019 How to Play Fantasy Golf at DraftKings and FanDuel

Top 10 Tips For Betting On Basketball (And Winning!)

The NBA and college basketball seasons are well under way. Both deserve your attention as both offer daily opportunities to make a profit.
basketball cash 650 - In Play Golf Betting Tips

Here’s a good rule of thumb: when it comes to betting on basketball, take the pundits’ picks with a grain of salt. Don’t rely on their “insider” knowledge. The folks who have the statistical data and predictive models necessary to accurately forecast game outcomes aren’t sharing them with the public. They keep their picks close to their chests to maximize their returns.

Having said that, you can improve your odds of winning your basketball wagers by using a number of time-proven tactics. I’ll showcase the top 10 below. These are the tips that’ll have the greatest impact on your NBA betting success.

Check (And Double Check) The Starting Lineup

As you know, a team’s starting lineup is instrumental to the team’s scoring potential. The coach understandably wants his best players in the game from the outset.

Check odds here:

But there’s one thing that can throw a wrench into the works: late injuries.

A starter who suffers an injury serious enough to keep him on the bench might have a huge impact on his team’s performance. For example, suppose Kyrie Irving sustains a torn ACL at the last minute. With him warming the bench, the Cavs might have trouble if they’re playing an aggressive team, such as the Warriors or Lakers.

The takeaway: always check a team’s starting lineup before placing your bet. Make sure all starters are accounted for, and absent from the injury list. A corollary to this tip is to avoid placing your bet too early.

Don’t Overestimate The Home Court Advantage

Most teams do better on their home turf than on the road. They’re playing in front of their fans, who are rooting for them to win. The refs are sometimes biased. And they’re often more rested than visiting teams. The players are sleeping in their own beds and probably enjoying their favorite meals at home.

That’s a far cry from the experience of staying in a hotel.

Of course, the home court advantage doesn’t guarantee the home team will win. In fact, this article on ESPN argues that the advantage has become less and less pronounced over the last 40 years.

The takeaway: home court advantage is still important when it comes to betting on basketball. But don’t overestimate its value.

Forget Your Favorite Team

basketballs dollarsign 300 - In Play Golf Betting Tips

If you’re a fan of the sport, you undoubtedly have a favorite team. And if you’re like most NBA fans, it’s probably the team in your city or county.

The problem is, having a favorite can bias your betting decisions. You want your team to win. You’ve followed them for years and are emotionally invested in them. Understandably, when the time comes to place your bet, you’re inclined to bet with your heart.

That’s fine if you’re just betting for fun. It’s like betting on your child to win his karate match, even though you’re certain his opponent is more skilled. Again, you’re emotionally invested.

But that’s a losing proposition in sports betting. Emotions are almost guaranteed to lead to poor long-term results.

The takeaway: if you want to make a profit, set aside your favorites and bet with your head. Cold, calculated logic, preferably supported with solid data, trumps emotion every time.

Keep Your Eye On The Important Stats

You can really go into the weeds with statistics when it comes to basketball. It’s not quite as bad as baseball, but you can still literally waste hours chasing data that fail to move the needle in any significant way.

That doesn’t mean you should ignore stats altogether. Rather, identify the important stuff and disregard the rest.

What basketball stats should you focus on? Here are several that can have a big influence on the outcomes of games:

  • turnovers
  • offensive rebounds
  • free-throw percentage
  • tempo (or pace)
  • true shooting percentage
  • offensive/defensive rating
  • home/away stats
  • how many starters are named Lebron James

The takeaway: be wary of pursuing stats that don’t matter. Zero in on the ones that do, starting with those listed above.

Watch For Big Line Moves

This is something that most novice basketball betters miss. Oddsmakers adjust the lines on games as action pours into one side or the other. Their goal is to balance the action. When a lot of action flows in, that balancing act occasionally requires big, sudden line movements.

Such movements reveal opportunity.

For example, let’s say the Cavs are scheduled to play the Warriors. You notice that the line has shifted abruptly in favor of the latter. A smart play at that point would be to follow the line.

What’s happening behind the scenes? What’s causing the line to move?

Often, it’s smart, well-heeled sports bettors identifying and acting upon mistakes they perceive the oddsmakers to have made. Sometimes, the movements stem from major changes in personnel – for example, Lebron James yanking a hamstring during game-night practice.

The takeaway: when lines move, there’s good reason. Follow the smart action.

Look For Signs Of Court Fatigue

Eighty-two games per season makes for an exhausting grind. The fact that starters manage to move themselves up and down the court late in the season is impressive. When they manage to post big numbers night after night, it’s downright remarkable.

But they’re human and subject to the same physical laws as you and I. They get tired, particularly after playing several nights in a row. They suffer fatigue.

The effect is even more pronounced on the road. Not only does the court time take its toll, but sleeping in hotels, eating out, and being away from the comforts of home does, too. Burnout is common after a long series.

The takeaway: think twice before betting on a team suffering from court fatigue. There’s a good chance the players’ minds and bodies are operating at a suboptimal level.

Bet Against The Spread On Losing Streaks

No sportsbook in its right mind would offer straight win/loss bets on basketball. That’d be a surefire recipe to lose money.

For example, imagine if the Warriors were scheduled to play the 76ers. If Bovada were to allow folks to bet on which team was likely to win, all of the action would flow to the Warriors. And if, as most people would predict, the Warriors were to beat the 76ers, Bovada would take a major drubbing.

Spreads exist, in part, to prevent that from happening.

When you bet against the spread (ATS), you’re not as interested in which team will win. Rather, you’re interested in how the teams perform with regard to the spread.

When it comes to betting ATS in basketball, a lot of bettors focus on teams’ winning streaks. They figure a hot team is likely to maintain its momentum and cover the spread. But data show that’s actually untrue, especially for streaks that extend beyond three games.

As the streak lengthens, more action pours into the side favoring the team enjoying the streak. Oddsmakers respond by adjusting the lines and point spreads. That makes it more difficult to bet against the spread on the favored team.

The takeaway: if you’re going to bet against the spread, look for increased value among teams suffering losing streaks. These teams are avoided by most bettors, which means oddsmakers may give you an extra point or two in an attempt to balance the action.

Ignore The Betting Trends

While matchups, both in terms of teams and positions, are important to take into account, trends are all but irrelevant in basketball. Sure, you want to be familiar with a team’s track record. You want to be aware of its performance throughout the season.

But trends in basketball betting refer to something completely different. Trends point to whether a team has managed to cover its spread in the last three games. They point to the volume and percentage of action favoring one team over another, according to the money line, the point spread, and the over/under.

These numbers can be informative, but they’re far from predictive. They won’t help you to accurately forecast a game’s outcome. They merely give you general insight into what other bettors (many of them misinformed or uninformed) are doing with their bets.

The takeaway: it’s fine to look at betting trends, if only to satisfy your curiosity. But don’t rely on them as useful data. It’s like examining a city’s annual population migration data to predict whether a certain family will move to another city this week. The trends don’t provide any insight to that end.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled For “Value” Bets

Oddsmakers are adept at setting lines. They use mountains of data and vetted predictive models to accurately forecast outcomes.

But they’re not perfect. They make mistakes.

Learn to identify these mistakes, and you can uncover significant value that’ll increase your odds of winning.

Fair warning: it’s not easy. It requires deep analysis and relatively good math skills. But if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and put in the work, you can find value bets that pay off.

The takeaway: making smart basketball bets involves keeping your eyes open for hidden, unexploited value. Sometimes, you can find such value by noting big line movements. Most times, however, you’ll need to put in more effort.

If You Bet The Over/Under, Do Your Research

Betting the over/under in basketball is one of the simplest bets you can make. You don’t need to worry about money lines or point spreads. You don’t even care which team wins the game. The only thing you care about is the total number of points scored by the two teams.

The simplistic nature of basketball over/under bets poses a downside: it tempts a lot of bettors to place them without doing even a modicum of research.

Before you bet an over/under, take the following into account:

  • whether each team plays offensively or defensively
  • each team’s offensive efficiency
  • each team’s defensive efficiency
  • which sportsbook offers the best over/under odds
  • each team’s pace or tempo
  • each team’s level of fatigue
  • injuries sustained by starters

The takeaway – Don’t place an over/under bet without doing basic research. Handicap the totals using the factors above.


Basketball betting, both NBA and college games, attract a lot of action at places like Bovada, MyBookie, and BetOnline. But much of the action is uninformed or misinformed.

You can do better. Use the 10 tips highlighted above to give yourself an advantage at these and other top online sportsbooks.

A rule of thumb. When it comes to betting on basketball, take picks with a grain of salt. Don't rely on "insider" knowledge. They're not sharing. We will.

Video: 2018 British Open Championship Betting Preview And Expert Tips

The 2018 Open Championship is finally upon is and here is my betting preview and tips with thanks to my brilliant sponsors

2018 British Open Championship Betting Preview And Tips

I’ve also a second video and post here made especially for those of you who love your Long Odds Glory selections.

Favourite Discussion

Dustin Johnson tops the betting at 11/1 for Carnoustie and is followed down the list by Rose, Fowler, McIlroy, Rahm and Fleetwood and you know what, I have to give credit to the bookies ahead of the Open, there are some decent odds on the big names in the win only market. I even see Sergio at 33/1. He’s been in the top-6 in three of his last four Opens, has a history at Carnoustie from 2007 and played great in France last time out. So lot’s of value among the favourites.

But as always my strategy is each-way betting; the bookies try to outdo each other and offer payouts for lots of places at The Open so here are my top-5 each way bets.

Doc’s Top 5 2018 Open Championship Betting Tips

Henrik Stenson 25/1

2016%2BTroon%2BHenrik%2Bstenson - In Play Golf Betting Tips

You cannot contend at Carnoustie without hitting fairways and greens, it’s simply not a course you can fluke the ball around, and that’s why I’m giving Henrik the nod for another good Open Championship this year. After close shaves in 2008, 2010, and 2013 Henrik finally got his hands on the Claret Jug in Troon in 2016 and battled to a T11 defending last year at Birkdale despite his rental house being burgled. T5 at this years Masters, T6 at the US Open he’s a man for the big occasion.

Brooks Koepka 22/1

Brooks%2BKoepka%2Bpng - In Play Golf Betting Tips

Having won the US Open for us at 20/1 I surely owe Brooks Koepka a tip this week. This is actually just Brook’s fifth Open Championship; he was T6 in Birkdale last year, missed Troon in 2016 with an injured ankle and was T10 at Saint Andrews in 2015. A T2 at the 2015 Alfred Dunhill Links adds to his links credentials and with Portrush man Ricky Elliot on the bag, you just know team Koepka will have a sound strategy in place to contend this week.

Alex Noren 35/1

alex%2Bnoren%2Bhead - In Play Golf Betting Tips

The second Swede on my Open shortlist has to be Alex Noren. He was a winning tip also for me in France and that stern test at a firm fast Paris National, albeit without the Carnoustie winds, has to be a solid indicator of form for this week. Alex’s French stats included a T2 in Driving Accuracy and T5 in Greens In Regulation, two areas that will be crucial this week. T6 last year in Birkdale and has what it takes to become a Major Champion.

Marc Leishman 40/1

marc%2Bleishman%2Bpng%2Bpga%2Btour - In Play Golf Betting Tips

It’s hard to pin down Marc Leishman on form heading into this year’s Open Championship but I saw enough in a T13 at the Quicken Loans to think his game is in pretty decent shape heading to Carnoustie. What isn’t hard to pin down is how the Aussie has managed a T6 at Birkdale in 2017, was in a play off in Saint Andrews in 2015 and was T5 at Hoylake in 2014; that’s three top-6 finishes in his last four Opens! More of that please and Marc will pay out each way.

Ian Poulter 60/1

ian%2Bpoulter%2B2017%2Bpng - In Play Golf Betting Tips

Ian Poulter is a ballsy player but can he find that missing piece of the puzzle to become a Major champion? Well I will put it to you like this…did you foresee Poults winning again on the PGA Tour this year? And that happened in Houston. And he’s added six more top-25 finishes since. If you look at the stats from Carnoustie in 2007 and 1999 putting great has been a hallmark of all top finishers so don’t count Poults out for a good each way showing. Warmed up with a T30 in Gullane last week.

Here's my 2018 Open Championship Betting Preview and Expert Tips from Carnoustie in Scotland.

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