How to remove post acne on the face: spots and scars, overview 4 good means

Can I get rid of post-acne

More or less dealt with acne, We have to solve another difficult task: how to get rid of post-acne and remove remaining traces after them - stains and scars on the skin. And what to do with dilated pores? We find out.

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  • What is post-acne
  • forms postacne
  • How to remove the scarring postacne
  • The basic rules of care

What is post-acne

Postacne - is resistant skin changes, which appear after acne. Of course, not every pimple leaves itself bad memories in the form of bluish spots on the face or shcherbinki. But if the teen or adult acne have left traces in the form of scars, just say: to deal with them is not easy.

Acne does not always pass completely © iStock

Remain after traces of pimples or not, It depends on several conditions, including from our actions. so, postacne is influenced by the following factors.

The long-term acne. Inflammation attack the skin for a long time, undermine its resources and irreversible damage.

Deep inflammatory elements (nodes and cysts). They are characteristic for the moderate and severe forms of acne and always entail the appearance of scars.

squeezing pimples. Yes, often we become perpetrators of their own misfortunes: botched, rough and untimely attempt to squeeze a pimple eventually injure vessels (so there are stains) or drives the inflammation deeper (so there are scars).

forms postacne

Freed at last from acne or reaching a satisfactory overall skin condition, person has every right to celebrate victory. However, post-acne can dampen the joy and require new efforts, as new problems arise on the agenda.

Scarring. after inflammation, otbushevavshego in the depths of the skin, substitution formed fabric, which is pretty deep. That is why scars appear, like pits or craters, due to which the skin becomes uneven terrain.

Dyschromia. Often skin, which were inflammatory elements, change color, It appears pigmentation.

vascular changes. This is what causes the formation of red or bluish spots on the spot acne, especially extruded or injured.

How to remove post acne

Traces, left behind by acne, often adjusted in a beauty parlor. But something can be done at home.

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enlarged pores

Tools for deep cleansing, as well as with the action seboreguliruyuschim cosmetics help keep pores clean and make them less visible. Renews the skin acid is also on your side.

pigmentation postakne (Dyschromia)

With pigment spots, emerged on the former site of a pimple, better to deal with the cosmetology and dermatology. Experts may be given a course of phototherapy or peelings. Savvy home care works too. true, the result will have to wait longer.

Alexander Prokofiev, medical expert brand La Roche-Posay advises to pay attention to the creams and serums with whitening ingredients, whose action is directed at suppressing melanin synthesis: kojic acid, arbutin, Glabridin, ascorbic acid, azelaic acid.

spots postacne

And again, for beautician task. true, uncomplicated. Procedures should be made to improve local blood circulation, to stagnant spots resolved. effective, eg, cryomassage liquid nitrogen. The house is recommended to use cosmetics with acids, to speed up the skin renewal.

scars postacne

They understand the home pointless, so the conversation about them is separate.

How to remove the scarring postacne

Inverted sunken scars, due to which the skin looks rough, - the most unpleasant reminder of inflammation. Completely get rid of them is almost impossible. Formed in the skin's deeper layers of scar tissue (plus everything devoid of pigmentation, and therefore, and the ability to sunbathe) will remain so forever.

The list of procedures, offered dermatology clinic, look:

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