How to get rid of acne scars: stagnant spots on the face?

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Want to get rid of the stains, scars and acne scars after yourself?

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We'll continue our conversation on the topic of post-acne (consequences of pustules). Today, we will tell, how to get rid of acne scars at home and share the recipe most effective masks. And, we'll reveal the secrets, how to hide flaws with makeup.

Our article will help you get rid of imperfections! Stay with us and enjoy reading.


  • Most faithful ways of getting rid of the stains and scars
  • How to make a mask of post-acne home?

Most faithful ways of getting rid of the stains and scars

Inflammation of the skin is always cause us to unpleasant emotions. Special, when they do have consequences, and leave behind a "reminder" in the form of scars or indentations in the skin. We strive to be rid of him. Today, we will share with you tips, which will help you to remove the scars at home.

It may seem, that self-clean post-acne - it is impossible to. but, if the time to begin to perform the procedure - everything is possible, because the fresh scars to bring much easier!

Effective ways of reducing scars:

  • Excellent struggling with post-acne cosmetic wax. Method of application is extremely simple: substance melts, pointwise applied and removed after drying. Then be sure to apply a moisturizing cream.

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  • Bleaching - a great way to remove age spots, lighten scars. You can do this by using special cosmetics, and using masks, you can easily make at home.

recipes creams, scrubs and masks you can read at the end of this article. Bleaching also helps to even out skin tone, making it smooth, velvety.

  • Massage with cosmetic oils. The benefits of facial massage can talk endlessly! After all, it helps to slow aging, It tones the dermis, smoothes skin. The cosmetic oil, you can add 1-2 drops of ether.

for example: 1 teaspoon almond oil and 2 drops of tea tree oil, eucalyptus, rosemary. Neat movements rub mixture over massage lines.

The composition of oils, as you know, very useful, substances, that comprise the ether accelerate metabolism, accelerate regeneration of cells and smoothed epidermis.

  • Darsonval device - will help you to remove stains. Due to slight electric shocks, he carefully works on the dermis. pulses, through nozzles, come to the epidermis. Then the bacteria are killed, leaves inflammation.

Darsonval also accelerates blood circulation. Systematic use reduces the traces of scars, scars. Also improves the condition of the dermis as a whole, start the process of regeneration, activates the production of collagen, elastin, gilaurona.

In combination with creams, lotions, scrubs - you will get a wonderful effect! Opportunity Buy Apparatus Darsonval .

  • It is useful to make lotions with cider vinegar and lemon. It not only whitens, but also promotes rapid healing of tissues, accelerates regeneration, smoothes the epidermis, It gives elasticity.
  • take your vitamins, special, A and S. Courses in 2 of the month. They help to improve skin condition. Also, drink sufficient water.
  • Protect your skin from UV rays -inache will form dark spots, that, by no means, adorn appearance. Special, if you do acid peels or use essential oils of orange, lemon, grapefruit.

view, tips are very simple! Timely initiation of treatment - is key to success, agree? At home, you can get rid of post-acne.

Would you like to use existing therapeutic agents, Refer to the online store drugstore brands Pharmacosmetica .

Of course, if a severe case: deep scars, have unhealed inflammation, and subcutaneous education - it is worth to visit a dermatologist. Influence should only healed epidermis, no visible signs of inflammation and suppuration.

Secrets of a make-up, that will help you hide the scars:

  1. Apply on the skin primer, it will help to align the relief.
  2. Further, using a special brush or sponge Apply concealer. No need to make the coating is too thick! It can clog pores and aggravate the situation.
  3. On the damaged areas, apply concealer, it will help them to disguise
  4. Hide redness help green concealer, it is perfectly disguises. Apply it should be dotted with a brush.
  5. Fix makeup using powder.

Remember the rule: it is not necessary to allocate the eye or lip. It is better to make a little accent on eyebrows, lips should apply lipstick or gloss shade nyudovogo, eyes can bring a little black pencil.

Always use quality, tested cosmetics , which does not cause allergies.

How to make a mask of post-acne home?

There are excellent facilities, that you can cook at home. They will help you to relieve itching, and accelerate blood circulation and regeneration. You will also notice, the skin will shine with beauty and health.

most importantly, remember - that make masks, peel and apply the cream should regularly, otherwise the result of the procedure will not.

You must be patient, as it should produce enough collagen, who will be able to fill in the damaged areas. Cosmetic products will not only help get rid of scars, but also to prevent acne.

  • Masks of the clay with the addition of ethers help to improve skin condition, accelerate regeneration. Very important, to produce collagen and elastin. After all, these two elements are responsible for the elasticity of our skin.

esters (rosemary, lavender, tea tree, lemon) not only accelerate blood circulation, but also promote rapid healing of post-acne.

Clay - softens, It cleanses the pores and moisturizes. Add the oil in a white or green clay to gently - will be enough 1-2 drops.

  • Honey and cinnamon - make a soft dermis, silky, nourish and moisturize. Honey - an amazing product, which benefits from a number of diseases and is often used for cosmetic purposes. Cinnamon - warms up skin, It speeds up metabolism.
  • cosmetic ice - it is very easy to prepare! It is necessary to take the parsley, finely chop it (or chop in a blender) pour boiling water, let it brew and pour into a special forms for ice. Very useful to wipe the face with ice in the morning and evening. In the morning - this procedure you cheer, evening - relieve fatigue and stress after work.
  • Badyaga with hydrogen peroxide - an effective remedy, which helps to align the skin, eliminate inflammation and relieves itching. Recipe mask approximately the: 1 clay spoon, 1 spoon and concoctions 4 drops of hydrogen peroxide 3%.

Select the most you liked the mask of post-acne and do it every day. It is also worth to include in its care rubbing ice and paraffin. Complex therapy and careful skin care to help you cope with signs of acne.

Use organic cosmetics , crows complex vitamin .

If a, After 2-3 months you will notice visible changes, you should consult a dermatologist or beautician. Take care of yourself, care for the skin all the time - and she will thank you!

Raising worries all the subject of acne, we'll learn about the causes of their appearance, how to treat them and who to call for help.

finally, today met with the ways, how to win post-acne at home. Recipes masks diversify your self-care and make the skin smooth and silky.

Remember - you are beautiful!

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